Ban sale of tramadol over the counter – Professor

A former Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the Valley View University, Prof. Dr Dr Daniel Bour, has called on the government to, as a matter of urgency, ban the sale of tramadol over the counter and make it strictly a prescribed drug at the hospital.

He explained that the ban was a sure way of controlling the abuse of the drug which could lead to dire consequences on the youth, coupled with massive increase in social vices in the country.

Prof. Bour appealed to the Ministry of Health, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Ghana Pharmaceutical Council, Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and other stakeholders to come together to strategise to fight the escalation of the sale and use of the drug which is now on the open market in the country.

The former VC made this observation in an interview he granted the Daily Graphic on the sidelines of the homecoming, reunion and induction ceremony of the Bantama Seventh Day Adventist Senior High School Old Students Association (ADAOSA) at Bantama, Kumasi.

The event brought together more than 2,000 old students, stakeholders in education and parents.


The circulation and usage of tramadol in the country has become a major challenge to most institutions since many people usually take it with different motives instead of the expected pain-killing purpose.

By law, the drug has to be dispensed in 50 milligrams but it is currently being sold out to many people with doses such as 100 milligrams and 250 milligrams, making it a major source of worry to health authorities, food and drug authorities, parents and security apparatus.

The FDA has since the beginning of the year embarked on various moves to clamp down on the distribution and use of the drug in the country due to the dangers associated with its wrong use, as well as what people could do with the drug.

Prof. Bour reminded the youth to avoid the use of injurious substances with the view of helping them to learn, since it was not true that any substance could help them learn well.

He urged the youth to be disciplined, have self-control, adequate time for studies, organise their study schedules and avoid things that stood the chance of distracting them, such as watching television all the time. The former VC advised students to desist from acts such as lesbianism and homosexuality which were gradually becoming a canker in the country.

Prof. Bour reminded parents on the need to keep an eye on their children and watch whom they associated themselves with, since their peers could lead them into bad behaviour and other acts which the parents and society might not be happy with.

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