Batidam pooh-poohs Hadzide’s reinstatement

Renowned anti-graft campaigner and governance expert, Daniel Batidam, has challenged government to make findings of the Australia Visa racketeering scandal public.

Mr Batidam is of the opinion that the delay in making the full report public is suspicious, insisting that “government must come clean on the matter”.

The Deputy Youth and Sports Minister and the Board Chairman of the National Sports Authority, Kwadwo Baah Agyemang were reinstated on Monday after police investigations cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Speaking to Starr FM in Accra he said, “Many Ghanaians, must have by now come to the conclusion that this President and this government is not only unable to do anything or much about issues of allegations of corruption that come up, but that it is actually actively protecting its members.

Daniel Batidam who’s also the former Board Member of the African Union (AU) Advisory Board on Corruption, further questioned why the President should be the one clearing his appointees of any wrongdoing instead of the Police.

“On many other occasions the President has himself cleared the people without even recourse to these agencies, not to talk about the fact that indeed when the matters are said to have been referred to these agencies there’s lack of transparency about the processes that led to the conclusions that are given to us at the end.

“The other side that we keep saying is that, these are supposed to be independent institutions and it is not for the Presidency or government to be become the spokesperson of these agencies.

“If they don’t allow the public to know what exactly happened and they come out to tell us this is what the police have found and not even allow the Police themselves to come out and say it, then we have every right to question and doubt the credibility of what comes out”.

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