BBC’s ‘Sex for Grade’ documentary bogus – Lecturer

A lecturer of the Central University, Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah, has described as bogus, a documentary by BBC’s Africa Eye which implicated three lecturers for trading sex for grades in two universities.

According to Dr. Otchere-Ankrah, the title of the expose is incongruent to the content as evidenced in the 53 minutes video.

Speaking on Adom FM’s current affairs show Burning Issues on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, the Central University lecturer described the documentary as “unprofessional because the likes of Manasseh Azure can do a better investigative work compared to this”.

“It is wrong to entrap a lecturer with a non-student, especially when the conversation they had had nothing to do with grades so how can you term that sex for grades?”

”How many universities do we have even in West Africa, for you to go to two schools and say African universities”, he quizzed in refute to the contradiction in title and content of the expose.

Dr. Otchere-Ankrah, however, admitted that “as a human institution, some of these things happen but we shouldn’t forget that people can also plan to bring a lecturer down just to tarnish his image”.

He believes the BBC is on a mission to disgrace Africa because “there are many universities in the UK and a lot of things are going on there so why didn’t they investigate them?”

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