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Beyoncé’s Holiday Gift Is A Massive “Bye” To 2020

Beyoncé is over 2020 and her family members have a hilarious gift from her to prove it. The award-winning singer gifted the women in her family custom gold and diamond necklaces that are a clever play on 2020 — with the pendant featuring the year shaped like a hand giving the middle finger. As if we didn’t already feel like Beyoncé had the ability to speak directly to our souls.

Angie Beyince, the singer’s cousin, shared a photo of the necklace. “@beyonce gifted all of her girls with this amazing custom 2020 necklace,” she wrote on Instagram.

“When I opened it my eyes teared up because it is both hilarious & deeply sentimental. 2020 has had ups and downs but over all it’s been a really weird and tuff year. Hopefully 2021 is good to the world.”

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting one of the new necklaces as well, expressing a very relatable feeling of exhaustion mixed with relief that this difficult year is coming to an end. “It is almost over and we are still here,” she wrote.

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