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Bipolar Funny Face Attacks LGBT Ghanaians Instead of Finding Ways to Cure His Madness – Video

It’s hilarious to think that Funny Face feels confident enough to attack LGBT Ghanaians to gain some sympathy from Ghanaians.

The comedian has taken shots at the LGBT community and described them as the reason Ghana is not progressing.

Imagine that!

It’s not corrupt politicians or an apathetic citizenry. It’s not the legacy of colonialism – it’s rather LGBT Ghanaians.

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Funny Face recorded a video raining insults on the LGBT community.

According to him, Ghanaians have been asking him for his opinion on the matter for long thus he’s now ready to say what he thinks.

Funny Face rained abusive words on LGBT Ghanaians, including harsh Ga insults.

He described them as a hindrance to the development of Ghana and showed his full support for Sam George’s homophobic LGBT bill.

Funny Face also attacked lawyer Akoto Ampaw, the President’s lawyer who is leading a coalition of academics and human rights activists to fight against the bill.

According to him, Akooto Ampaw is probably gay himself which is why he’s fighting against the bill.

It’s interesting that funny Face has thrown his lot in with Sam George and homophobic Ghanaians picking on a minority who have done no harm to anyone.

It’s like Funny Face himself has forgotten how Ghanaians pick on him due to his mental health issues.

When it’s his turn and people are calling him ‘mad’ for having bipolar disorder, no one would jump to his defence because he can’t even find the intelligence to sympathise with other oppressed minorities!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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