Black Kat releases ‘Apem B3ba’, anthem for ‘Kumerica’

Do you hear the War Drums beating and a Rise Up Calling of the Ancestors?

If not, you soon will. ‘Apem B3ba’ is a modern-day Ghana drill (Asakaa) track with authentic arrangement deeply rooted in the Asante culture.

“Wo Kum Apem a, ‘Apem B3ba’ is a popular Akan proverb which means; If you kill Thousand, a Thousand more will come.

Black Kat’s ‘Apem B3ba’ features some of Kumerica’s hottest talents; RapHene Zanu, Willy Maame, Kofi Supreme, Ebadah (NT4), Rap Fada, Ras Lipo, Don Crack and Beat Maker Extraordinaire Amagidon Beats.

Black Kat Gh, described as the “Boom Boom Cru Boss” of the massive Kumerican collection, has rapidly become one of Ghana-UK’s most compelling talent –who is now pushing drill into bold new WORLDS.

Coming up with the Ghanaian-African infused Worldwide Anthem “Apem B3ba” with his trademark mix of Akan language ‘Twi’ and UK slang; the cultural references made by the Ghanaian All-Stars ‘Apem B3ba’ is an assured banger.

This awesome creation soon to dominate the airwaves seeks to acknowledge our Ancestors as we hear them call to us “Mo-Piaww #Piawww.

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