Britain’s first upside down house opens its upside down doors

Do you ever have the urge to glue all your possessions and furniture to the ceiling just to inject some excitement into your life? If so, and if you don’t mind a bit of nausea, we have some good news – you can now visit the UK’s first upside down house.

The bizarre attraction has opened its upside down doors to the public in Bournemouth, Dorset. For an entry fee of £4, you can get inside and take some weird upside down photos to really confuse your Instagram followers. The two-storey building, which is painted pink for good measure, features fully-furnished rooms including an office, living space, bedroom and bathroom. It is made of timber panels that fit together like ‘big Lego’, according to Tom Dirse, CEO of Upside Down House UK.

He said: ‘I was approached by the man who is now my business partner about bringing an upside down house to Britain. ‘He was behind the attraction in Lithuania and after around nine months of work we’ve managed to get this one open in Bournemouth. ‘It’s something very different and people seem really excited by it.’ The house will remain in the seaside town until at least June 2019.


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