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Burna Boy, Shatta Wale trade rape accusations at each other

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has admitted allegations of rape levelled against him by Nigerian rapper Burna Boy.

Wale confessed to the rape accusations levelled against him in a series of Instagram posts and Tweets while accusing the Nigerian rapper of doing same.

The Nigerian artiste had accused the Ghanaian dancehall artiste of raping a lady he travelled with to Ghana.

Shatta Wale wrote: “Because he is a rapist, he is jealous I did same to his girl cuz that’s his job. Raping jealousy. @burnaboy.”

Burna Boy had earlier posted that he wanted a fistfight with the Ghanaian dancehall artiste, because he [Shatta Wale] had raped his [Burna Boy] acquaintance.

“@Shattawalenima, You tried to rape the girl I brought to Ghana back then. I won’t say her name. But I know what you and Koffi did. That’s the real reason I want your teeth and blood on the floor. I just want you to fight me like a man. Even if I know you are just an unhealthy dog. I could have gotten you killed ages ago if I wanted. But you are not worth it. You’re just a sick puppy. Rapist,” the Nigerian artiste posted.

Reacting to the accusations, the Ghanaian artiste accused the Nigerian artiste of raping a Ghanaian Instagram model.

He noted that the Nigerian artiste was only upset because he (Shatta Wale) had also tried to do same.

“Burna Boy, your mdaaaaaa. You rpe Matilda Hipsy self we no talk. Kwasiaaaaaa U deh try chop Matilda en as weh she say no weh u bat am. You tink we don’t know…”

Source: classfmonline.com

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