Businessman Seeks Justice in Protracted Rape, Defamatory Case

Business mogul, Mr Hassan Zein is beside himself with grave worry following a protracted case involving an alleged rapist/criminal, Mohammed Oumar Ould.

And despite empirical evidence against the suspect, authorities (Police) handling the case seem silent over the issue since 2017.

Not even the National Chief Imam, Dr Sheikh Osman Sharabutu’s intervention has succeeded in resolving the matter.

The Chief Imam’s meeting, initiated by Oumar at his (Dr Sharabutu) Fadaman residence was meant to ensure peace between the alleged rapist and the businessman, who only played the role of a good Samaritan – by seeking justice for the rape victim.

In the said meeting, the suspect was captured in a video admitting his wrong doing by holding Dr Sharabutu’s leg and promised to pacify the victim, a minor and her family.

But contrary to his (Oumar) promise to the highly regarded Islamic Cleric, he has resorted to death threats on the businessman and his family on many occasions .

He has also embarked on a massive social media propaganda to defame Mr Zein and his family.

The businessman has since fought relentlessly by petitioning state security aparatus (CID) , Foreign Affairs Ministries in vain to seek justice but to no avail.

The suspect, with multiple passports of different nationality is believed to be hiding in Mali.

He is allegedly embroiled in several nefarious activities and indications are that he is wanted in Niger, Nigeria and Togo over an alleged murder of his house help and fraudulent acts.

The businessman who is saddened by the laxity of the security said “It is unfortunate this alleged criminal is walking freely in town and the law and our security agencies are doing nothing about this sensitive issue. He brags openly stating that he is connected to government officials in Ghana, Mali and other countries .

” My legal team considered his utterances, as unfortunate because it bothered on national security, and as a result, petitioned the Foreign Affairs, Interior Ministries, CID, yet nothing has been done about it.”

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