Bystander fleeing filling station scene robbery shot dead

A 26-year-old man has been shot dead by armed robbers at a filling station in Akyem-Osiem in the Eastern Region on Monday.

The robbers also took away an unspecified amount of money.

The deceased, Nuhu Yashaw who was just a bystander attempted to flee the scene when the five armed men stormed the place.

But due to the indiscriminate firing by the robbers, Mr Yashaw took a bullet from behind and died on the spot.

The deceased, Nuhu Yashaw
The Assemblyman for the area, Abdul Rahman who confirmed the incident to Joy News said the fuel attendant on duty at the Goodness Energy Station succumbed to threats of harm and released the day’s sales to the armed men.

“At about 7:45 pm armed robbers came to the filling station. They came inside with guns, knives, and other gadgets. They gave a warning shot and approached the attendant of the filling station to bring all the money and asked the rest to lie down.

“The attendant denied first but due to the warning shots he just brought the bag out. But they kept shooting into the crowd to disperse them so everyone was running for their lives.

“Unfortunately there were three guys beside the filling station and the robbers shot one of the guys,” he said.

The police say theyhave began investigations to arrest the pepertrators.

The body of the deceased has been sent to the Saviour Hospital in Osiem for preservation.

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