Cast the first stone

Barely two months ago, i asked some young guys in my house to help fill my empty gas cylinder which they did. Aside the cost of the service, i gave them money for transport and an extra money in appreciation.

Just yesterday, my gas run out and this was unusual so i went to check the date i bought the gas (i always keep the date) and it was less than two months. I usually use the same quantity for at least 5 months.

So i went out to fill my cylinder. I asked them to check if there was any leakage which they did. My cylinder was in excellent condition.

This young guys filled less the amount i gave them. Thats corruption right?!

This made me sad. This made me think of Nyantakyi and the many corrupt officials and how we all are condemning them. This is how they all started.

Everybody feel they can out smart another. From the fake “special ice” pure water seller in traffic to the politician. We all know what we are doing is wrong yet we feel good doing it. We only regret or show signs of rumours when we are caught and it’s a shame.

We are just too greedy as a people. We want to earn more than we actually earn so we cut corners. We don’t care who gets hurt due to our actions so far as it makes us more comfortable, we go ahead. And this is a shame.

This is why we are where we are as a people.
Our dishonesty wont go away anytime soon. Just because he took $65,000 doesn’t make your 65 cedis right.

Instead of condemning Kwesi Nyantakyi and his friends and the Judges and the people of Denkyira-Obuasi who obviously betrayed their trust to uphold the true humility and integrity of Ghana, think about yourself again. You might not be far fetched from being a Nyantekyi in your small way.

No wrong is acceptable no matter who commits it and no matter how grave it is.

Writer: Honour Agbemor-Flint

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