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Govt’s approach to combating COVID-19 already yielding results – Edmund Kyei

Global Pandemic Coronavirus otherwise known as COVID-19 has brought the whole world to its knees, leaving most leaders helpless. Even leaders of western countries are having sleepless nights despite their well-developed health systems which are adequately equipped to find solutions to difficult problems; indeed they  are currently struggling to contain the dreadful Read More

Senyo Hosi writes: Lockdown now

We failed to shut out COVID-19 when we could. We may have underestimated it, or we may have been bothered about the international opprobrium other than the implications for our citizens. Whatever the reason, we have ended up importing a disease or virus that we have no capacity to manage head-on. As I often say, […]Read More
Opinion World

6 Ways to Depolarize American Politics

Polarization is a scientific term to describe the nature of two magnets that physically repel one another. An invisible force literally pushes polarized objects away from each other.  When discussing polarization in politics this strikes me as an apt metaphor. Polarized politicians repel those in the other party with their behavior. They push those outside […]Read More
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Adogla writes: Our coronavirus prevention plans are leaving the informal sector in the cold

Following the novel coronavirus (COVID – 19) pandemic’s detection in Ghana, workplaces will be expected to adjust their daily architecture to mitigate the risk of contamination. With the economic considerations in mind and potential business disruptions, employers will be expected to put in place practical steps to protect their employees from the spread of the virus. Read More

My March message: The Ghana we deserve

Far before the declaration of our independence, our forbearers had already conceived the picture of the Ghana they desired for themselves and for future generations— the Ghana we deserve. They saw that Ghana as a more free and prosperous place. A place where every citizen has the opportunity to realize his/ her full potential. A […]Read More