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Dealing with dissappointment

Disappointment is a tricky emotion to deal with because every day can bring about new situations to be disappointed over. Sometimes disappointments come at rapid speed, sometimes disappointments are truly huge and life-changing. Then there are those that are small, annoying or simply just make you cringe. Meanwhile, difficult times around the world add to […]Read More

Fight night blindness with dates

Dates are one of the widely patronized fruits due to its sweet taste and myriad benefits in the Middle East, Asia, and northern Africa and recently in West Africa. Despite its inclusion in culinary options across continents, not many people pay attention to the countless health benefits of dates. If you’re not already a fan […]Read More
General Lifestyle

‘Female Viagra’ may cause problems when used with alcohol – FDA

A drug touted as a “female Viagra” can cause severe low blood pressure and fainting when used with alcohol, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns.As a result, the agency has ordered the drug’s maker Sprout Pharmaceuticals to make a safety labeling change to Addyi (flibanserin). The boxed warning, contraindication, warnings and precautions, and adverse […]Read More

LIFESTYLE: On the blind side

Could it really be true that there are boundless opportunities out there for anyone to still find true love and happiness, even after being married to the one you assume is ‘The One’? Should men and women just get out there to explore the possibilities out there? Would it be understandable for couples to look […]Read More