Catholic Bishops condemn Badu Kobi

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference has condemned the misogynistic comments made by founder of Glorious Wave Chapel, Prophet Badu Kobi.

Prophet Kobi in a recent video suggested that Asante women are greedy, Fante women are foolish, and Ewe women are like doormats.

He also advised men not to marry Asante women because of the greed they bring into the marriage.

At its just-ended Plenary Meeting, the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference said the issue was deliberated on and “we condemn him in no uncertain terms for saying what he said.

“It is our view that a pastor of a church, or anybody for that matter, should not talk the way he did. In so doing, he has shown great disrespect to women. Such statements bring division not only in the church but also in the nation,” a statement signed by President, Most Rev. Philip Naameh said.

Below is a copy of the full statement:

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