CBD Oil: Is It Safe to Use During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Description: The best news a couple can have are tests reading they are expecting or having a successful birth. With these achievements comes great responsibility. So what is required of a pregnant or breastfeeding mum to consume? Can CBD oil be an alternative?

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Unlike a usual woman, an expected one or the one with a newborn has a host of different dietary rules to stick with. The main reasons for this are:

●        The mother’s health should be perfect for enabling the sustainability of her and baby’s life.

●        Whatever the mother consumes is passed on to the infant either through the umbilical cord or through the breastfed milk.

CBD oil has struck the headlines a couple of times due to the plethora of health benefits it carries. Most studies have been focused on different ways of using CBD oil for epilepsy, and the researchers haven’t been given the room to explore the many impacts it can have due to legalities. Besides, we cannot ignore the already scientific proven importance of cannabidiol in the CBD Hunger Lab. Let’s take a look at some of these gains.

During Pregnancy

This can be a long nine-months period for a woman if not controlled well. A host of body changes are usually noticed at these times, CBD oil may ideally aid in. Below are the reasons why you should utilize CBD oil during pregnancy:

1.    The well-known symptom of gestation is morning sickness. This is usually characterized by a series of vomiting and nausea. Recently, people have been using CBD oil for nausea after THC was approved to treat it. Though there has been little clinical evidence to prove it, past users have reported improvements after using it for the same purpose.

2.    Some mums might have been addicted to some drugs coming into pregnancy, which is not allowed during this phase of life. CBD oil helps with cracking dependency on certain painkillers since it might be substituted to serve the same purpose.

3.    CBD oil consumption can aid the process of delivering the baby. It is done by minimizing the contraction of the uterine walls while giving birth and while laboring to ease the process. It might be the perfect remedy for labor pain.

4.    The CBD muscle balms are usually used to relieve sore muscles after the “pushing period”.

5.    Mums can distress and relax by using CBD bath bombs that’ll maintain a good environment for the fetus.

6.     Pregnant mums need proper feeding habits to be able to give birth to a fully developed and healthy baby. CBD oil can boost the appetite and this can help the mum eat enough and healthy for both herself and her baby.

While Breastfeeding

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All breastfeeding mums have whole different concerns than those she had while pregnant. Some keep themselves away from CBD oil due to the lack of information and clinical proofs, while others have previously experienced the marvel it has. Here are some of the ways she can benefit from the CBD oil:

              1.        Many mums are prone to contracting PPD (Postpartum depression), which happens after giving birth. The further risks associated with this condition are possible disengagement with her infant, cases of anxiety, experiencing mood swings, and fatigue. They usually opt for antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs, which have loads of side effects e.g. fatigue, drowsiness, insomnia, dry mouth, blurred vision, and constipation. In other researches, CBD oil and anxiety have a good connection since CBD affects the CB1 and CB2 receptors, and the alterations of how they operate result in reduced stress in anxiety patients.

              2.        Breastfeeding mums are required to add about 480 extra calories consumed daily to replace what has been fed by the toddler. Some doctors recommend CBD oil for appetite even though marijuana is well known to trigger this. More research is to be done on this, though.

              3.        In the process of rearing a child, you are expected to have many sleepless nights because of the number of times the baby wakes up at night due to tummy issues. Mums need to get a good rest, and a recommendation of CBD oil for sleep can work for them. It is usually used both ways: to stay awake and fall asleep. This can be helpful to a mother since she can decide to stay awake until the toddler is deep in the dream world and later on sleep.

              4.        Reflecting on the mothers who underwent the C-section, they always have a hard time during recovery. The surgery results in a lot of pain during the healing process due to the cuts and stitches. CBD oil is usually used to treat pain by directly interacting with receptors responsible for modulating pain. It usually operates as an anti-inflammatory agent that minimizes any pain in swollen areas. In this case, the part that was cut during the surgery.

              5.        Some mums get stretch-marks when their tummy starts expanding during the different phases of pregnancy, which become darker after delivery. They can introduce CBD oil cream in their beauty to help them clear the marks and get that even-tone skin back.

Concerns Raised

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Worried mums have ended up asking themselves different questions on the use of CBD oil. Some of the concerns have been:

1.    Can CBD oil get me stoned?

Cannabidiol is one of the 113 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. Unlike its cousin THC, it has no psychoactive properties meaning there’s no way you can get high by using its products.

2.    Does breast milk get its contents?

So far, the only THC has been proved to be passed to the milk when a mother uses it while breastfeeding her infant, which can have very bad effects. There’s no supporting evidence of the same on CBD oil, nor is there any proven body response of infants to the latter. Nonetheless, you have to consult your doctor before trying it out.

3.    Is CBD oil safe during pregnancy?

Substitutes for CBD Oil for Mums

For you to get almost the same results as using CBD oil, you have to make some changes in your lifestyle as a mother. The new aspects to be included are:

⮚  Load your diet with green leafy veggies and omega fatty acids to improve your ECS

⮚  Avoid alcohol to avoid poor baby development

⮚  Incorporate exercises e.g. yoga

⮚  Practice meditation for stress relief

Conclusion: Both expectant and breastfeeding mothers should be aware of the possible CBD oil side effects before using it. Use a CBD oil dosage calculator to determine how much you would need to use.

Do you think CBD oil can be used by mums? What influenced your answer? Leave us a comment!

Author’s Bio: Rich is a father of two and a gynecologist by profession. His wife had their children before CBD oil became famous, and his wife regrets missing the chance to solve all the issues she experienced that CBD oil can work on. Rich advises his clients to use external CBD oil patches when experiencing pain.

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