Championship playoff: Can Ayew power Swans back into PL?

Swansea City, home of Andre Dede Ayew, managed to clinch a playoffs spot by finishing 4th in the just ended 2020/21 English Championship season.

The Swans this season have been at their best since their relegation from the English Premier League in 2018.

With their possession and counter attacking football, Swansea were able to end the season with 80 points, 56 goals scored, 39 goals conceded and have kept a remarkable 20 clean sheets in 46 games played. This record is the third best in the Championship.

Brentford, after losing key players such as Watkins and Benrahma, have still maintained their attacking style of play and have been able to achieve a 3rd spot finish in the just ended 20/21 English Championship season.

The Bees under Thomas Frank have been a joy to watch and a player such as Ivan Torey, who has 31 goals and 10 assists to his name, has been a revelation this season.

Brentford have been unlucky in making the Premier League. Since 1990 Brentford have failed to make it through the playoffs on 9 different occasions. They look to end that run as they go up against Swansea on Saturday May 29th, 2021.

Ayew, loved by both club and country, has been a very influential figure in the dressing room.

In an interview, Jamal Lowe said: “I’m just happy to be around him, learn from him and play with him. He’s a top guy and top player. He’s so important to us as a team. He’s helped me so much as a player and a person, he’s welcomed me with open arms to this club and I only have great things to say about him.”

The Ghanaian international, who previously played for West Ham before rejoining the Swans in 2018, has 43 appearances this season with 16 goals and 4 assists to his name. Since rejoining Swansea in 2018, Ayew has 62 goals and assists, and has led the club to two playoffs in 3 years.

In big games, key players are expected to step up and lead the team on. It can be said that the 31-year-old has played his heart out in both playoffs semi-final matches and has given his all on the pitch. In an interview with Stuart James, the Ghanaian International said, “If I don’t give everything I have, I won’t be at peace with myself, and if I’m not at peace with myself, then I won’t be happy.”

It is on such a big stage that this level of emotion can be felt. With the experience the Ghanaian skipper has and the leadership he brings to the club, Dede Ayew can definitely thrive and take the club to the next level.


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