Chereponi residents reject ban on motorbikes

Residents in the Chereponi district have rejected a directive by the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) banning the riding of motorbikes in Saboba and Chereponi.

The residents, particularly women, are calling for their husbands to be allowed and permitted to go about their daily activities on and with their motorbikes.

Addressing a crowd of women and children, madam Sulemana Jemilatu Frinjei, said banning men from ridding motorbikes was not the right move by the security council.

“If our husbands and men are banned from ridding and going about their daily activities with their motorbikes, it only means we have limited time to survive,” she said.

She indicated that most of the attacks come from areas where the curfew was not enforced, making them vulnerable.

The residents said the only way to protect themselves and their family was to use motorbikes in case of any attacks on their tribe members, adding that the security personnel live very far from the communities and it takes time for them to respond to calls.

They have therefore called on government to deploy more security personnel to Chereponi to be able to patrol the entire district.

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