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Chokosis blame Nitiwul for Chereponi clashes

The Chokosis in the Chereponi District of the Northern Region have blamed Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, for the recent attacks against them as well as their property by the Konkombas.

According to the leadership of the Anufor Progressive Union (APU), the Chokosis now believe that the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bimbilla is aiding the conflict by helping his Konkomba kith to attack the Chokosis.

The spokesperson for the APU, Dr Solomon Gumanga, who addressed a news conference in Tamale on Thursday, 3 January 2019, said:

“Initially, we were telling them that we don’t think it’s good to think this way, but nobody is listening to this now, and I am also now believing that it’s true because if the soldiers are there and they are not taking action and people are attacking and burning houses, we need to see that he [Mr. Nitiwul] is playing a neutral role in this. We need to see that action from him, otherwise, he should step aside and somebody else should take over and play the neutral role”.

Dr. Gumanga noted that the tension in the area is heightened and, therefore, urgent attention was needed from the Ministry for the Interior and the Ministry of Defence as well as the Office of the President in tackling the matter.

He subsequently called on the leaders of the Konkomba communities including top Konkomba politicians to intervene and bring their people to order.

According to him, they picked signals of the intended attack on the Anufors earlier before it happened, but considered it as a rumour.

He warned that there could be reprisal attacks soon since their people no more listen to them.

“And I want to see the educated Konkombas; the MP for Chereponi, Samuel Jabaniti, I want to see them coming public to talk to their people. I want to see the Defence Minister coming public to talk to their people, I want to see the former Northern Regional Minister, Mr. Moses Mabengba, Mr. Charles Bintim, we know that their people in Saboba will listen to them if they talk to them,” Dr. Gumanga added.

At least three people have been killed in the renewed clashes which resulted in the torching of buildings at Kukpeni and Chekaso.

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