CHRAJ to cite Freddie Blay for contempt

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has said it will file a contempt case against the National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) for failing to honour a subpoena.

CHRAJ is investigating allegations of corruption against Freddie Blay in the purchase of 275 buses for the governing party in the lead up to the NPP’s National Delegates’ Conference contest last year following a petition from the Coalition for Social Justice.

Mr. Blay has shot down claims that the buses were procured to influence delegates ahead of the NPP’s the Conference that took place in Koforidua.

He then said the party secured a bank facility to purchase the buses which he claims will be managed transport company STC.

But the Coalition for Social Justice in their petition stated that the purchase of the buses amounted to vote buying and a case of corruption which must be probed by CHRAJ.

CHRAJ in investigating the matter wrote to Mr. Blay two months ago and requesting a response to the substance of the petition against him.

The Commission also asked him to produce the custom declarations forms and other forms covering duties paid for the vehicles.

This information, according to CHRAJ, was needed so they could proceed with the probe which is standard procedure.

However, CHRAJ says neither Mr Blay nor his lawyers have responded to their request.

But the spokesperson for Mr Blay in an interview with Joy News’ Evans Mensah on Top Story said no subpoena has been received from CHRAJ.

Richard Nyamah said there is no way, Mr Blay will receive a summon and not respond to it appropriately, he added that CHRAJ may need to prove that the Chairman was served a subpoena but refused to respond to it.

“What you are putting out is news to me and obviously strange to Mr Blay because at no point in time has he been served any subpoena from CHRAJ.

“Find out from CHRAJ when he was served and the evidence to show that he has been served such a petition or subpoena. We have no knowledge whatsoever of any such petition,” Mr Nyamah said.

Not only does he find the turn of events surprising, he believes someone is playing “political ping pong” with Mr Blay’s name.

For Mr Nyamah, the standard procedure which CHRAJ should have ensured the Chairman was properly served, once that was done, evidence to that effect will be available.

“If they have sent any such subpoena, I will beg them to give us some evidence to that effect. Mr Blay is not aware of this and this is the first time we are hearing of this,” he said.

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