Christian community acts to create awareness on fake prophets

The Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante, Chairman, Ghana Peace Council, has called for decisive and concerted action from the Christian community for public sensitization and exposure of abuse and deception of false prophets in the country.

He said though it is not “easy to deal with these individuals” (false prophets), whose treacherous activities is creating a huge dark blot on the Christian religion, believers of the Christian faith should stand up and strive to monitor and reverse their misleading teachings, to ensure sanity in Christianity in the country.

Most Rev Prof. Asante was speaking at a two-day leadership seminar on the “Five-fold Ministry” in Kumasi, as part of a four day programme dubbed, “The Jesus’ Campaign against False Prophets and Teachers”, put together by the Kumasi Council of Christian Churches (KCCC).

The goal was to sensitize the public on sound biblical doctrines which could play a key role to help the vulnerable public identify the false prophets, whiles protecting them from falling prey to their trickery aimed at extorting monies to enrich themselves.

The KCCC is also poised to monitor and sanitize the activities of the so-called mushrooming Bible schools in the Region which graduate their students only after three-to six months training – the activities of these half-baked pastors has also been identified to fuel the “false prophet” canker.

Participants were representatives of all Christian churches and para-church organizations in Kumasi.

The Most Rev. Prof. Asante said the work of the evangelist is not to make money but to preach the unadulterated gospel just as it was written and not to misinterpret it.

He said the word of God is the only tool through the lenses of which deception can be identified and urged all to seek enlightenment through the study of God’s word.

He cited example in the Bible where the Galatians were rejecting the tradition of the gospel translated to them by the apostles saying, they were called “foolish” by Paul when he got to know they were in the process of rejecting the gospel.

The man of God admonished the youth to uphold the pure word of God, and not “dilute” it.

As part of the campaign, the KCCC, which draws its membership from all Christian churches and para-church organizations in Kumasi, hit the streets of yesterday, marching through its principal streets to herald a two-day evening crusade at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium.

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