Christians can marry more than one wife; Bible supports polygamy – Prophet Aboh 

Prophet Meshech Aboh, General Overseer of International Pure Fire Chapel (IPFC), has stated that God does not condemn polygamy.

The prophet argues that no portion of the Bible indicates that God is against polygamy.

He explained that though the marriage of a man to two or more women is not sinful, not all men can marry more than one.

In an exclusive interview with, Prophet Aboh observed that a man who decides to be polygamous must ensure he is mentally, physically, spiritually and financially capable to manage the home.

He added that many Christians have fallen into the practice of serial monogamy (Married dissolved to remarry another) which is rather a bad practice.

“Divorce is unacceptable in the eyes of God. So divorcing to remarry is against the word of God. If for any reason a man lack something in the first woman he marries. He should identify another who fills this gap and marry her in addition. That way you, you reap the full benefits and by far reduce the number of women walking about without husbands,” he submitted.

Prophet Aboh, thus, enjoined able men in society to embrace the concept of polygamy to solve the issue of single motherhood which is breeding more vices in society as women struggle to singlehandedly provide and manage the home.

Prophet Meshech Aboh is the general overseer of International Pure Fire Church at Ablekuma, Accra. He is the author of the book “Is polygamy a sin?” an insight into the mind of God about the concept of marriage and polygamy.

Call Prophet Aboh for further details and marriage counselling needs on 0244 64 06 42 / 020 428 9969

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