Christians must show genuine love to one another – Saint Paul Catholic Church

As part of the activities to mark the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, various churches have held Good Friday services to remind Christians of the sufferings of Christ and its symbolism to the faith.

As is the norm of Catholic churches in the country, the Saint Paul Parish at Newtownre-enacted Christ’s journey to the cross.

Many could not hold back their tears as they watched Christ being beaten up then getting nailed to the cross.

Speaking about the incident which took place over 2000 years ago, the parish Priest, Very Reverend Father Peter Rocky Hesse said it is a day God released his Son to lay down for us.

He used the opportunity to call on Christians to love in a practical way by being real and genuine with their actions.

“We are not able to live love in a practical way, so today you and I as Christians we have been called to express our love in a way and manner we live our lives. I always say that the word love should never be a noun, it should be a verb. It should be something that we practice every day of our lives and this should begin right from the way we live with one another in our respectful homes and wherever we find ourselves,” he said

Pastors of other churches visited by GhanaWeb urged their members to always remember the pains Christ had to go for their salvation and always strive to live exemplary lives.

They reminded Christians that Easter shouldn’t just be a celebration but a period of reflection and repentance.

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