Claims PNC’s General Secretary embezzled ¢30k party cash false – Bala Maikankann

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Bala Maikankan says allegations that General Secretary, Janet Nabla mismanaged the party’s funds worth GH¢30,000 is false.

According to him, the money, received as a refund from the EC, was distributed among the regional chairmen of the party and the rest left for activities including payment of rent for party offices, among others.

Speaking to Evans Mensah on Joy FM, he stated that Madam Nabla had raised concerns about the rate at which monies were taken from the party’s national account without her consent and what they were used for.

Thus, her decision was to not put the money in the party’s national account to avoid another case of embezzlement.

“It is true that GH¢30,000 was returned by the EC. Her (Janet) complain was that anytime she deposited money to the party’s account the monies vanished without her consent. So she took the money, shared it with each of the regional chairmen, leaving the rest for the party offices.”

Mr Maikankan who expressed displeasure about the party’s decision to suspend Madam Nabla stated that there were peddling falsehoods against her.

His comment comes after, chaos erupted at a press conference organised by the PNC on Wednesday, September 1.

The party had alleged that the General Secretary sabotaged the Party’s flagbearer’s attempt to file and contest the 2020 Presidential election by withholding important information needed for the process.

They also alleged that she called some Regional Chairmen and instructed them not to come for the launch of the Party’s manifesto adding that she also deposited the money from EC into the accounts of the Northern Regional branch of the Party instead of the Headquarters’ account.

Bala Maikankan had stormed an ongoing press conference to demand an explanation regarding the General Secretary’s suspension. It took the efforts of the Police to calm tempers.

Opening up on why he disrupted the party’s press conference, Mr Maikankan told Evans Mensah on Joy FM that the party’s communication’s officer made some untrue statements about the General Secretary.

He added that aside from that the suspension of Madam Nabla is illegal.

According to him, despite claims by the leadership, the members present during the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting on the said day did not form a quorum to enable them take that decision.

Speaking on Top Story, on Wednesday, he stated that per the party’s constitution, at least half of the party’s regional chairmen should be present at the meeting, however, only six of them were present.

Meanwhile, a petition has been filed against the leader of the party, David Apasera for fraud and embezzlement.

Mr Maikankan said that “there is some money that we received somewhere, to pay for our party offices – that is GH¢150,000. As we speak on the 28th of August, GH¢70,000 has been withdrawn from the account.”

“The next two days [after the withdrawal] was when they held their so-called NEC meeting. So what did they use that GH¢70,000 for?” he quizzed.


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