Be Bold; tell your stories—FIDA Lawyer Irene to victims

A lawyer of the International Federation for Women Lawyers in Ghana (FIDA -GH), Lawyer Irene Aborchie-Nyahe, who also doubles as the President and C.E.O of Legal Assistance Ghana has urged Domesticity Violence Victims to come out boldly to disclose their plights to receive the necessary assistance before issues get out of hand.

She blamed majority of the fear of victims or survivors to be able to run for the necessary support from either FIDA or DOVVSU, on the ill attitudes of society and the family system in Ghana.

She bemoaned how some family members put fear and even most times threaten these victims, should they make any attempt to officially report the abuse case to any agency.

She disclosed that, it is not even at all times that there would be arrest of the abuser, noting that some of the issues just need the involvements of counselors just to be resolved and save the victim, while the abuser is also counseled and cautioned to be of good behavior to avoid further legal actions against them next time.

Lawyer Irene, was speaking to a section of the media at a forum held by FIDA at the TOMREIK Hotel in Accra last weekend.

The workshop was dubbed under the theme, “Implementation of Free Healthcare; A Lifeline For Women And Girls Survival From Domestic Violence” Also in her submission, the lawyer bewailed the rapid increment of cases of domestic violence among the women and girls in the country, including rape and physical abuses, talk less of murder cases.

She was of the concern and fear that, should serious measures not taken to save, support and remedy the situation, very soon or in the near future, Ghana would terribly loose a great number of its strong and energetic labor force who would have immensely work harder to increase our economic growth.

She also advised the survivors or victims to learn how to manage their anger in the process, in other not to unleash their pain and anger on innocent people, especially their children. She rather urged them to seek assistance from the appropriate agencies such as FIDA-GH, DOVVSU and the Police to help save their lives on time.


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