Commission lambasts crime officer for failing to bring vital documents

Commission of Inquiry investigating electoral violence in the Awayaso West Wuogon by-election has lampooned a crime officer who turned up without vital documents.

The Airport Divisional crime officer, Superintendent Kingsley Aboagye who investigated the violence, did not have statements taken from the victims or medical reports revealing the degrees of injuries suffered.

The Crime officer explained although he took all 16 statements from victims and has 10 medical reports, he has handed them over to a police investigative committee.

Chairman of the Commission and retired judge Emile Short called this “totally inappropriate and unacceptable”.

He expressed surprise that the witness, aware of the importance of these “extremely relevant” documents, could not produce “even a single one” before the Commission.

With the two other Commissioners looking on, Emile Short lectured the witness to a conclusion that as a witness expected to testify, he should have obtained copies of these documents.

Emile Short overruled an agreement the witness reached with the counsel for the Commission Eric Osei-Mensah to obtain by the close of the day, the statements and medical reports for the Commission’s use.

The witness, shy of making any promises, told the lawyer, he “will make the effort”.

Unimpressed, Emile Short insisted Supt. Kingsely Aboagye obtains the documents and testifies today.

“I would like you to leave now go and get copies of the statements and come back and give testimony”, he told the witness.

The Commission of Inquiry has served notice, it will end its public hearings Thursday on Day 12 of its televised proceedings.

The Commission is interested in finding out the identity of the victims of the violence and the nature of their injuries after government claimed warning shots fired by a SWAT team did not hurt anyone.

There is also another claim – guns were fired from the house of the NDC parliamentary candidate Delali Brempong.

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