Construction of National Cathedral sparks panic

The decision of the Akufo-Addo administration to construct an ultra-modern National Cathedral for the Christian fraternity has set tongues wagging over the intended project which would cost the taxpayer a significant amount of money.

Shortly after the president officially cut sod for the commencement of the edifice in 2017, the decision was greeted with mixed feelings, as hardliners questioned the rational behind the move.

It was however welcomed by the moderates who heaped praises on government and religious leaders who mooted the idea.

But little did the public know that the construction of the cathedral would lead to the demolition of bungalows that were built for Appeal Court Judges five years ago and several public buildings with the capital city, Accra.

On Monday, it became evidently clear that some of the affected Judges have expressed concerns after receiving eviction notice from the Chief Justice.

It is roundly believed that despite government offering to relocate the Judges to a plush estate estimated at $2500 per month until new bungalows are constructed within one and half year is outrageously expensive.

Though government and the construction committee are yet to come public on how much the project is going to cost, analysts are questioning why government has decided to spend such huge sums on a national cathedral whereas there are other pressing matters to be addressed.

Some legal brains have argued that the role being played by government in the project could violate aspect of the 1992 constitution which describes Ghana as a circular state, and not a religious state.

They are of the opinion that the continuous involvement of government in the organisation of, for instance, Hajj and the putting up of cathedrals could open the flood gates for other religious groups to demand same assistance from the central government.

Already, a private citizen, James Kwabena Bomfeh, is challenging the constitutionality of state involvement in the organisation of Hajj and the planned construction of a National Cathedral in court.

Kwabena Bomfeh argues that, “What we are seeking to do, and what we have been doing over the years with regards to the Hajj Board and presently the attempt to put up a National Cathedral in the name of the state, initiated by the state, facilitated by the state to the extent that the National Cathedral has a Board of Trustees whose is accommodated in the Office of the President, I think that it is not proper.

“It is a subtle attempt to make Ghana a particular religious state which our constitution frowns on. I say to that extent I am a Christian but I disagree.”

Aside from the aforementioned persons, some citizens have accused government of investing in an unproductive venture as there are more issues to be address with the taxpayer’s money than constructing a 5,000-seat national cathedral.

From all indications, it appears the Akufo-Addo led administration has taken an entrenched position on the matter and ready to kick start the project.

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  1. True men of God are guided by God to do what he Jehovah has asked us to do not what Akufo Addo says we should do. please all men of God who want to be associated with this Cathedral should consult God first. is it his will

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