Coronavirus: 10 ‘trotro’ guidelines you should practice

“These are not ordinary times,” this is what President Akufo-Addo said when addressing Ghanaians on Sunday about the deadly pandemic in the country.

This means that on a usual day what may have been the normal practice must be changed. And the same applies to your behaviour in commercial vehicles popularly known as ‘trotro’.

And with that, Healthivity has come up with 10 practices you must do to prevent getting infected in this critical time.

  1. The moment you sit in the trotro, sanitize your hands
  2. After taking your change or balance from mate, sanitize your hands
  3. After opening a window, sanitize your hands
  4. If you happen to gets down for someone to alight, when you get back in, sanitize your hands
  5. Cover your face with tissue or handkerchief when someone coughs or sneezes.
  6. Do not touch the seat in front of you, if you do, sanitize your hands.
  7. This is not the best time to buy and eat everything from the road vendors in the car.
  8. When you alight, wash your hands with soap and running water at the next available place you find a sink.
  9. Avoid touching your face, use a sanitizer before you do
  10. Avoid physical contact as much as you can

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