Corruption: My office’ll name, shame and prosecute – SP

The Special Prosecutor, Mr Kissi Agyebeng, has said his office will name and shame persons engaged in corrupt practices as part of measures to fight graft.

Apart from naming and shaming, he said persons found guilty would be prosecuted.

“We will be measuring corruption, we will be ascertaining the breeding of corruption, we will be naming and shaming peddlers of corruption, we will be examining the impact of anti-corruption initiatives and taking punitive and remedial measures to crack down corruption through prosecution and asset recoveries,” Mr Agyebeng said today, Tuesday, 22 March 2022 at the launch of the Ghana Corruption League Table in Accra.

He further indicated that all public institutions, departments and agencies will be required to prepare and submit integrity plans intended at assessing deficiencies in all their activities to determine their vulnerability and exposure to corrupt practices.

“It is time to move beyond the composite annual ranking of countries on corruption drop list to our own local narrative,” he noted.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor was established after an act of the Parliament passed the Office of Special Prosecutor Bill in 2017.

The office serves as an independent investigating and prosecution body to make inquiries into corruption, bribery, or other criminal cases at the national level whether they be in the public or private sector.


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