Counsellor advices couples to take breaks in their relationship when necessary

A marriage counsellor has advised that giving each other space in a relationship could prove healthy for both parties.

Joy Wilson in a discussion with Joy Prime’s morning show host Emefa Adeti, Thursday said people sometimes need time for introspection and had nothing to do with grudges, anger, having had enough of the relationship.

“It’s a human thing to want to have a little space to yourself once in a while, and that can be so even in the most beautiful of relationships where the person loves you.

“You know they love you, you’ve been there with them and they’ve proven their love to you. You know that this person loves you and even then, the person still needs space,” she said.

“Sometimes, you really want to be alone. But in Africa and in Ghana, for instance, men get alone time [but women don’t]. A typical man can wake up at dawn and tell the wife he’s going to the gym.

“He can randomly tell the wife he’s going to hang out with his guys and all that, but women do not have that luxury as they always have to stay home and cater for the kids. But it’s advisable for them to take their own private time and relax, else stress might kill them easily”.

Joy Wilson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in Adjusting to Change/Life Transitions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Divorce and Divorce Adjustment, Suicidal Ideation and Trauma and PTSD.

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