Court settles Denkyira Palace dispute

The Queen mother of Denkyira, Nana Ama Ayensuwa Saara III, has won a seven-month legal battle that sought to challenge the ownership of the ancient Denkyira place, where Odeefo? Boa Amponsem III lived and ruled as the King of the Denkyira State.

The Cape Coast High Court 3, presided over by Justice William Boampong, ruled in favour of the Denkyira Hemaa and also awarded cost of Gh¢25, 000 against the plaintiffs, led by Abusuapanyin Nuamah.

The suit was filed by the Abusuapanin when Denkyira Traditional Council and the Queen mother decided to build a palace to replace the old one ahead of the final burial of the late Denkyira King, who is yet to be buried three years after his death.

The old structure was subsequently pulled down to pave way for a modern one.

The move was resisted by a faction within the Agona Royal Family led by Abusuapanin Nuama, who sued the Denkyira Hemaa at the Cape Coast High Court 3.

The Abusuapanin’s argument was that the other faction could not just get up and demolish the palace which they argued has become a relic which they said was the private property of the late Nana Nkwantabisa I, who once ruled the Denkyira State.

In her statement of defence, the Queen mother averred that “the house in dispute has variously been used and occupied by all the successive kings of Denkyira State.”

After the seven months trial, the court held that evidence gathered on record contradicted the case of the plaintiff that, only Odeefo? Boa Amponsem III briefly lived in the disputed palace.

Also, the plaintiff’s witnesses supported the case of the defendant’s successive Denkyira Kings, who lived and ruled before Odeefo? Boa Amponsem III, who all used the same building as a palace.

According to the court, the plaintiff’s own exhibit, which was a letter he wrote to the Denkyira Traditional Council, contradicted his denial that the building has been used by successive Kings.

Additionally, the court indicated that the fact that Srowi Komfo, a fetish priest of the Denkyira State, was in charge of the building by the Denkyira State, clearly showed that, the property had been put up for communal use.

After the victory, the Queen mother said her focus was to ensure her late uncle, Odeefo? Boa Amponsem III, would be given a befitting burial.

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