Covenant with the devil

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is a party in distress and in need of direction out of the doldrums in which it is stuck, helplessly of course.

Were it not so, it would not jump at Sexy Don Don’s new tune about who sent him on an assassination mission.

Like a drowning man with no knowledge of swimming, butterfly or freestyle, the party is ready to jump at anything which in its warped estimation can be manipulated for political dividend. Sexy Don Don’s latest so-called confession, which is at variance with his earlier disclosure in the statement he made to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), has excited the NDC to a mind-boggling level.

That statement, a copy of which Daily Guide once published, suggests that when he (Sexy Don Don) asked Agogo, the man who recruited him, about who was behind the murder project he was told that it was a certain NDC MP.

Sam George is reported to have said that Sexy Don Don’s life is in danger because he could be eliminated because he as it were, has stepped on the toe of the ruling NPP. Some sarcastic remarks are foolish and lack substance to even warrant a debate. The NDC’s stance on double-tongued Sexy Don Don is a classic example.

We would not want to proceed beyond this point out of deference for the stage the matter has reached in the judicial process. We cherish the importance deference to the judicial system as a critical link in the law enforcement chain and would be the last to do what would impair the course of the adjudication of the case under review.

Suffice to state that when the accused person changed his tune, observers wondered whether desperate NDC had not contacted him in custody. Desperation can lead to such efforts regardless of how futile they may be.

The NDC has compelled us to expose the can of worms about the murder of the late JB Danquah and this we would proceed to do without any fear of contradiction.

We are aware about why Dr. George Akkufo Dampare, COP, then Greater Accra Regional Commander was transferred from his duty post to the Command and Staff College of the Ghana Police Service – Winneba in the Central Region. The movement was intended to get him out of the line of main line policing.

The Superior Officer was being meticulous and making great strides in getting to the bottom of the case much to the opprobrium of officialdom at the time.

We are aware about how even before the transfer he was scolded for being that meticulous and professional in his handling of the case. Indeed, it was under his direction that the suspects were identified and apprehended, a feat for which he should have marked for commendation. On the contrary, he was sneered at for supporting a cover-up.

For the NDC to turn round today and jump on to the nonsense of a second confession by the man in the dock is to think erroneously that we do not know what transpired in the immediate aftermath of the cold murder of Hon. J.B. Danquah. God is watching all of us and judgment day shall surely come to pass here on earth and hereafter.

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