COVID 19: E-Learning for schools could have been the best option to curtail spread but…- Olumanba writes

I am really sad to hear that 26 students and 3 teachers at Akosombo in the Eastern Region have tested positive for Covid 19.

To me, re-opening of schools wasn’t the best decision at all.
It was a decision I vehemently lambasted but on the second look, I realised we don’t have any option than to accept that directive since the Nation is not fully equipped to do E-Learning.

How can E-Learning be possible in Ghana, if we still have people in some part of the country who don’t have access to ‘common’ electricity?

How can E-Learning be possible if parents aren’t technologically inclined to know the essence of purchasing IT tools for their wards?

The saddest aspect of it is that, many parents are not rich enough to get their wards gadgets for the E-Learning.
This is a wake up call to the government to do something fast so our wards can learn from home.
Olumanba (Young Political Activist)

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