Covid-19: Third wave’ll hit services sector hard – Joe Jackson

Director of Business Operations at Dalex Finance, Joe Jackson has warned that the third wave of Coivd-19 will be devastating to Ghana’s economy particularly, the service’s sector.

According to Mr. Jackson, a third wave will also have a negative effect on the country’s economic recovery.

His caution comes at a time Ghana is recording a high number of active cases of the Covid-19 pandemic, a situation he believes could erode the gains made so far towards economic recovery.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Jackson said “even though the services sector was the most affected by covid, there is a significant recovery coming from that sector simply because there is a strong belief that with vaccines maybe covid is not going to have a devastating effect now as it was expected before but there is one catch if there is a third wave of covid and we get to a resurgence, it’s going to hit the services sector much harder than any place…

“It’ll hit other places in the services, the financial sector and so on and so forth so then the effect will begin to be a lot more devastating…the results are not surprising that the service sector is growing but the warnings should come again, we should do everything we can to ensure that this delta variant does not take hold and that we don’t get hit hard…”


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