CSUC: Fake GPA student loses SRC presidential elections miserably

The campus of Christian Service University College was lit with both joy and indignation as an underdog emerged winner of the fiercely contested SRC presidential elections.

While supporters of the winning team jubilated wildly, Richmond Agyemang who contested for the presidential position but lost, and his supporters went away more ashamed than they would normally feel.

Their shame was as a result of allegations surrounding bribery of some lecturers in the Communication Department to help Mr. Agyemang raise his GPA in order to qualify him as candidate for the presidency.

Their plot, according to our sources was uncovered by Emelien Acheampong, a level 300 Communication student who, claiming to have strong evidence rallied several students to expose the corrupt nature of the one who wanted to be voted for as president.

“We have strong evidence of everything we are saying, it’s not because of politics but we feel for a Christian Institution like ours, we deserve a God-fearing person as SRC President not a person who pays bribes to raise his GPA”. Emelien said to some students at the Feliama hostel on Friday.

Followed by her aide camp Tracy Oppong who was tasked to share the breaking news on all social media platforms in the school, the duo, in the company of some TESCON members made sure every student heard the news.

The strategy worked for them as their main presidential candidate Ebenezer Oppong and his team cruised on the embarrassing allegation to a smooth victory.

Even though Mr. Richmond Agyemang and his team, realizing that their cover had been blown off attempted to fight back warning of hauling some people to the administration to provide the evidence to their claim, luck eluded him since it was too late for him to control the damage.

Out of a total of 1418 students, only 653 cast their votes on the day with Ebenezer Oppong polling 345 representing 52.83 percent and leaving 308 representing 47.17 percent for Richmond Agyemang.

Meanwhile questions are being raised about the moral standards of lecturers at the school who can take bribe to raise a student’s GPA overnight.

The Christian Service University College with its campus in Kumasi, is a well revered Christian University that has trained several hundreds of theologians since 1974.

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