Curses may befall those insulting my husband – Wife of Prophet Badu Kobi warns

One dares not step on the toes of Ghanaians as the advent of social media has made it possible for anyone to hide behind the computer with 2kilobyte data to rain uncouth words on people of noble repute.

Perhaps the major reason why some discerning people have been calling for social media regulation. Whatever the case, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has been a victim of social media bullying for the past days.

You’ll remember how the man of God revealed that Ashanti women aren’t marriage material because of their attitude. Consequently, he has been chastised accordingly by the natives especially those on social media.

It’s in light of the chastisement that Mama Gloria Kobi, wife of Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, in an interview with Kofi TV has advised those bashing her husband to desist from that else doom awaits them.

This is because, to the best knowledge of Mama Gloria, her husband isn’t an ordinary being but embodied in the spirit of God. Remember the popular phrase in the Bible, “touch not my anointed.”

Mama Gloria shockingly added that she is not really surprised about some things her husband says in the public domain because she is used to it. Besides, she revealed that they’ve been through a lot of challenges in their relationship.

Watch interview below:

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