Customer satisfaction our priority – MTN Ghana

Ghana’s leading mobile telecommunication network MTN says it will not renege on its resolve to deliver quality and optimal experience to its customers.

Speaking at an edition of the Yellow Soiree, Samuel Koranteng, the Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana said customer satisfaction is at the heart of every decision the company takes.

He acknowledged the contribution of the customers and commended them for their loyalty.

“Customer service is very dynamic area and the way we approach it keeps changing. Now we’re all working towards customer experience. Our Yellow Soiree is one of several engagements we’ve introduced to celebrate you our loyal customers and to thank you for your loyalty. We will continue to make you the focus of everything we do. In short, we dey for you”, he said.

He added that digital innovations like the mobile money services, 4G+ technology among others form part of a grand plan to improve service delivery.

“In recent times we have seen significant development in the telecommunication space with MTN leading digital advancement in the market with the introduction of our 4G+ and other digital innovations. We also launched our revolutionary Turbonet router early this year and I’m sure many of you can attest to the astonishing speed on the Turbonet.

The Customer Relations Executive of MTN Ghana, Jemima Kotei Walsh emphasized the role of the customers in the keeping up of the company and thanked them.

She noted that the soiree which is the fifth this year resonates with their declaration of 2019 as the year for the customer.

“At MTN the customer is at the centre of everything we and you already have heard, we declared 2019 as the year of the customer and this ties in nicely. Every year, we celebrate our customers and we thank them because they give us our businesses and keep us in business. Without them, we wouldn’t exist so its appropriate that to use this occasion to interact with them, seek more feedback and improve our products and services”.

Some customers were rewarded with Iphone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10+, Note 10+ and other gadgets.

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