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CyberGhana appoints GMB’s Matilda Makafui Freeman as brand ambassador

CyberGhana, a humanitarian wing of AED Cybersecurity Consulting, has appointed Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ Matilda Makafui Freeman popularly known as ‘Kafui’ as brand Ambassador for its new Cybersecurity and Internet Safety campaigns.

The appointment of ‘Kafui’, second runner-up of 2020 edition of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) Contest, comes on the heels of CyberGhana’s new campaign to sensitize the public on how to prevent cyber-attacks and also offer tenable solutions to companies seeking to build quality network and aptly secure critical infrastructure.

This new campaign model, forms part of CyberGhana’s primary goals to safeguard the country’s cyberspace and offer formidable solutions to security agencies to aid them fight crime, and strengthen infrastructure, as well as protect highly classified data of financial institutions as well as SMEs. The campaign also seeks to sensitize the general public on internet fraud and attacks.

With a record high 11,545 cases of cyber-attacks reported to Point of Contact (POC) between January and August 2020; Ghana needs to aggressively create awareness and proffer up-to-date solutions to foster a safe and secure internet environment. This is expected to boost confidence of customers who transact business virtually and protect company’s systems from all manner of attacks. 

CyberGhana believes that beyond a secure business climate, the entire public needs to be educated on identifying threats and be adequately equipped to counter any risks they may encounter online; such as, exposure to sexual and violent content, cyberbullying, cybercrime, identity theft, to mention a few.

It is in light of these prevailing circumstances that CyberGhana and its international partners, the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (UK) and the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) have developed series of programs, to be spearheaded by the elegant Kafui, with her love for children evident in her chosen profession and foundation. This partnership hopes to educate Ghanaian businesses, Schools and individuals on quick ways to spot and block miscreants who seek to prey on unsuspecting individuals surfing the internet for educational, entertainment and information needs.

To the business class who prefer to engage their own personnel to manage their systems, CyberGhana has a package to offer inhouse training for their IT department at the company’s convenience.


CYBERGHANA, a non-profit organization in Ghana is the facilitator of National Initiative for Cyber Engineering, Science, and Technology Educational Programme (NICESTEP) in Ghana. 

The program was created to propel long-term social and economic change for individuals who are capable of learning technology, cybersecurity, and software engineering related skills in Ghana and beyond.

CYBERGHANA’s NICETEP Project has been listed among top 21 “Engineering X Project”, which seeks to promote teaching and learning of cybersecurity engineering in Ghana to help bridge the gap between engineering in academia and real issues that exist in the industry. The NICESTEP project meets the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4, 5, 8,9 and 10.


Lloyd’s Register Foundation is an independent global charity with a unique structure and an important mission: “engineering a safer world”. The Foundation reduces risk and enhance the safety of the critical infrastructure that modern society relies upon in areas such as energy, transport and food.  They do this by supporting high quality research, accelerating technology to application and through education and public outreach. Their unique structure comes from the fact that they own a significant trading company, Lloyd’s Register (LR). They share the same mission and work together to make the world a safer place.


The RAENG is the UK’s national academy of engineering. The Academy was founded in June 1976 as the Fellowship of Engineering with support from Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who became the first Senior Fellow and, as of 2020, remains.

It brings together the most successful and talented engineers from across diverse professions to advance and promote excellence in engineering for the benefit of society. 

The academy has three strategic priorities: make the UK the leading nation for engineering innovation and businesses, address the engineering skills crisis, and position engineering at the heart of society.  

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