Danger looms at Community 22

Danger is looming at Community 22 near Afariwa Royal Home in the Ashaiman Municipality of the Greater Accra Region as private developers are blocking streams to reclaim land in the area.

The streams being blocked by the developers collect volumes of water from several communities including Christian Village, Michel Camp, Sebrepore, Golf City and Bethlehem into the Chemu Lagoon.

According to the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), the Ashaiman Municipality has had its fair share of severe flooding leading to deaths and destruction and the latest reclamation of land for estate development could spell doom.

Ashaiman Municipal Co-ordinator of NADMO, Daniel Acquah, expressed fears over the latest development.

He wondered why such a development should be allowed to take place saying “the moment you fill a storm drain, it would surely have adverse effects on innocent people because the water would find its own way to escape, which is a serious thing.”

He has, therefore, appealed to the assembly to act quickly to avoid future disaster.

“Looking at the storm drain and the volume of water that passes through it, there is no way that a tunnel can absorb the water and that is where the water could find its way and affect other innocent people; so something has to be done about it,” he stressed.

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