Daniel Duncan-Wiliams Goes for New Braids – The Archbishop Reacts

Daniel Duncan-Williams, the stubbornest and most active on social media out of the Archibishop’s many kids, has debuted a new ‘bad boy’ look.

Daniel has gone for some wicked braids which he showed off on his social media handles.

The stubborn Daniel has never been your typical pastor’s kid. He made his name on social media uploading videos of himself having fun with ladies in pools.

That is, the last thing you would expect to see from Duncan-Williams‘ son!

It later turned out some of his behaviour was due to having bipolar disorder.

He has gotten himself treated and is now living his best life but he’s still finding ways to give his dad a ‘heart attack’.

He has posted a photo of his new hairstyle which might get his father in a sour mood.

The photo shows Daniel has gone for a new hairstyle, a ‘ruffian’ hairstyle as we might say down here.

He has actually gone in for some braids!

A video of the new hairstyle has hit the web.

Daniel has also revealed his dad’s reaction to this ‘gangster’ new hairstyle.

According to him, his dad is actually in love with the hair.

Contrary to what we thought, Duncan-Williams has fallen in love with the hairstyle, calling it cool.

In a tweet, Daniel revealed: “My dad just saw me and said ‘Eiiii this hairstyle is coooool mehnnnnnn”.

Considering some of the hairstyles we have seen from Duncan-Willams himself – perhaps that’s why he can’t get mad at his son.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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