Dansworld CEO announces discounted sanitizing services to prevent Coronavirus spread

Dansworld International Services Limited (DISL) has discounted charges for people who patronise their services of cleaning and fumigation to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

Bernard Danso Ntow, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company asserted that both public and private places like homes must be kept disinfected and clean in a time where many people are taking various measures to avoid the contraction of the deadly virus.

“We are offering discounts to clean and fumigate public and private places. It is important that we consider a dual cleaning and preventive measure as we take care of our personal hygiene,” he announced, March 19.

Mr Ntow made the remark in a response to journalists on the role of his company as an industry player in cleanliness and fumigation in the face of the current global pandemic.

He added that considering the directive from the presidency to close schools, churches and putting a ban on all public gatherings, it is necessary that these places are cleaned and disinfected now.

A Dansworld worker fumigating an office

Speaking further, Danso indicated that, there is the need for an ‘all hands on deck’ approach in matters of sanitation and personal hygiene to ensure that many people do not contract this deadly viral infection.

Danso stated that his outfit has all the necessary resources and are ready to help institutions and individuals keep their premises clean and sanitized.

DISL is a general cleaning and waste management company which specializes in general cleaning, fumigation and many sanitary services.

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