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Desperate youth address Nana Addo with ‘strongly worded’ placards

With four days to Ghana’s elections, a campaign to sell votes has been launched on the streets of Ghana’s capital town, Accra.

Videos and photos available on social media have individuals including street beggars holding placards with the inscription “Give Me Money Or I’ll Vote For Mahama”.

It is not clear who the faces behind this campaign are but numerous photos on social media are an indication that they are scattered on the streets of Accra.

NPP’s leading member who shared one of the photos on his timeline on Facebook encouraged party folks to give monies to such beggars so they do not commit an unforgivable crime of voting for John Dramani Mahama.

He said “I beg, this beggar is threatening to do the unforgivable. Just drop him some loose change! He might not mean it though, but not worth the chance. I must say, he is pretty clever. He knows to issue such a threat to vote Akufo-Addo wouldn’t generate any serious income. A creative marketing ploy if you ask me”.

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