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    Sister Derby goes semi-nude in new video with Medikal

    Sister Derby’s entire brand is associated with nudity hence it’s not surprising she decided to show flesh in Medikal’s ‘COLD AND TROPHIES’ video which she was employed as a guest artiste on the music piece.

    Just about a week ago, the AMG-signed artiste hinted at his collaboration with Sister Derby who is his ex-lover.

    This revelation stirred reactions online as many social media users were forced to draw the conclusion that the rapper divorced Fella reason he decided to go back to his old lover and announce their reunion through a new song.

    Fella on the other hand also gave netizens reasons to believe that her marriage to Medikal has collapsed because, in all her most recent pictures, her wedding ring was off.

    It can now be confirmed that the trio were playing with the minds of Ghanaians and they just needed attention to promote the music project.

    The music video is out on and as usual, Sister Derby didn’t fail to impress – She wore a short-skimpy dress which exposed her raw bortos.

    Nudity has now become the order of the day and a massive tool for the promotion of music and even household items hence who are you to complain?

    Watch a snippet of the ‘Cold and trophies’ video below to know more…

    Below are some do the reactions gathered under the video;

    aqosua_samsung – So how did we get here? After all the disrespect and we fighting and defending you no, you’ve gone to cut a song with him again? Next time I will mind my business ?

    kuapem_poloo – ??? my sweetheart the love of my life who supports me in all directions the connection everything why won’t I support you back I will give the same energy you give me sis ??

     – Eii…sister Debby So those of us that where busy dancing to ooh my sweet ex nu ….we need an appology letter from you …after all that we did for you …we stick with during the difficult moment nu …you have gone back to cut a song with him??? dat is why dey say dnt put your mouth in relationship matter ?? las las you go be 3rd person ? and u will collect Ur eyes. ? But anyways #am a proud dolphin thou ???????

    efya_reg – Bestie things s3n Derby my love, hmmm, how did we get here again

    talkative_pearl – Nwom no nyinaa nie anaa we should expect more? You two just used this song as an excuse because ei

    hary_blossom_ – Mede3 mese eeeeiiii hmmmm. I will mind my business nxt time. Sake of u, Fella and Mdk have blocked me!

    pretty_candy_darlyn – Kwasia baa go n tell them to unblock me sake of u nti dey v block me mdk and fella um really sorry ??pls unblock me wae



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