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    Tema: Incidents of cable cuts worrying – ECG

    The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has launched an investigation into recent incidents of cable cuts in the Tema region.

    Unidentified individuals in the enclave have been tampering with electricity cables for some time now, with the most recent cable cut occurring yesterday at the Smelter Two Bulk Supply Point.

    This incident occurred just a few days after the power distribution company replaced the old cables with new ones as part of an effort to improve power distribution to the enclave.

    B5 plus, Mass industries, Mavis industries, Blow-Chem, the entire Kpone township, Community 25, Ghana steel, Affordable housing and Adi steel among other areas were all affected as a result of the cable cut.

    ECG management Tema Region, which is concerned about this development, is appealing to the general public to assist in protecting ECG equipment by reporting perpetrators to the police.

    “We continuously plead with the public that if they see any unscrupulous persons around our installations, raise an alarm or inform the police because whatever they do, it affects the company and power supply as well”, says Sakyiwaa Mensah, spokesperson for the ECG in the Tema area.


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