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    Managers of Hillburi hotel arrested for alleged power theft

    Managers of the popular hotel, Hillburi, located at Aburi in the Eastern Region have been arrested for allegedly stealing electricity.

    According to officials of the ECG, the hotel has enjoyed electricity illegally for years until ECG engineers uncovered the unauthorised connection during a search on the premises of the hotel in the course of the week.

    The perpetrators are expected to be arraigned before court on April 1.

    Speaking to JoyNews, the External Communications Officer of the ECG, Madam Laila Abubakar bemoaned the high level and huge scale of power theft that had been identified.

    According to her, the results of their investigation indicated that the hotel had a motive and was on a quest to steal power.

    “The one that affects me the most is just how much power is being stolen. We’ve been lenient for too long, I think that it’s time that we look at these issues, separate from all the other things that we go through, and start prosecuting people seriously.


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