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    Singer, Efya links her love for the colour black to being a witch

    Award-winning Ghanaian musician and performer, Efya Nokturnal has described herself as possessing witchcraft powers due to her affinity with the colour black.

    Born Jane Fara Fauzzier Afia Boafowaa Yahaya Awindor, the eclectic songbird openly admitted to loving the colour black when she was asked by Joy Prime host, Doreen Avis what her favourite colour was.

    Explaining why she believes she is a witch, the ‘Until The Dawn’ singer said her love for the colour black made her feel that way.

    “Why not black though?? I feel like it blends with every other colour. You can wear black shoes and a red dress and it’s still popping” Efya who wore a yellow open cleavage dress explained
    “I think black is something that fits most of the time. Also, I like it because you know I’m a witch,”

    The colour black in Ghana is considered a sign of a bad omen or can be associated with mourning the dead.

    Despite the semiotics of the colour, Efya revealed that she would not mind wearing black as an alternative colour for her nuptials.

    “Yes, it’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to do but I’m not sure anymore. We’ll see,” she said.

    According to Efya, 35, working at night ignited her interest in the colour black and darkness which has became her signature aesthetic and also inspired her twitter handle, @Efya_Nokturnal.

    “I have insomnia, I don’t really sleep at night and it’s been like that for a very long time. So, I figured I might as well make it cool because I’m a very Nocturnal being and I come alive at night. Most of the time I like to work late at night because it’s quiet and there’s a different energy,” she said.

    Efya has promised new music soon after her long break from releasing albums and mixtapes. She is also the winner of the VGMA Best Female Vocalist of the Year for a record of 5 times.

    Efya is the daughter of Ghanain filmmaker, Nana Adwoa Awindor.

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