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    How Ashanti Regional Minister lashed out at school feeding caterers at his office

    The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah, could not keep his cool as he was addressing caterers of the School Feeding Programme in the region who besieged his office.

    A viral video sighted by GhanaWeb showed the regional minister screaming at the caterers when he could no longer bear their complaints about the amount paid for the meals they provide to Junior High School students.

    Simon Osei-Mensah could be seen in the video urging the caterers to stop making noise at the premises of the Ashanti Regional Secretariat.

    He told them to present their petition and leave.

    The women, who were not happy with his comments, started shouting at him.

    The minister, clearly angered by the women raising their voices at him, threw his hands at them and left them unattended at the regional secretariat.

    The women then started shouting “97 pesewas yengye bio, 97 pesewas yengye bio”.

    The twi statement the women made means that they are no longer going to accept the 97 pesewas fee per head, they are paid for the meals they cook for pupils in government basic schools.

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