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    Charger Ltd set to introduce potent herbal immune booster to its production lines

    Charger Limited,  an award winning alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage producing company is set to venture into the production of herbal products.

    According to Chief Executive Officer of the company Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, the last four years have been used to conduct analysis and to meet the required regulatory obligations for the introduction of a herbal product that is expected to be amongst the best herbal immune boosters in the country.

    “With our plans, within ten years we will have anyone coming on board. Like I said, few months after efficacy tests are done, we will introduce the best immune system support the country has not seen before. This is something we started four years ago but we were doing analysis. It has gotten to  a stage where we want to introduce but we want to do the efficacy test and all to prove its potency,” he disclosed in an interview on Dreamz Fm.

    The award winning business mogul emphasised the need for persons who consume the company’s alcoholic product, Happy Man Bitters and Happy Man Plus 2 Bitters to do it in moderation as he strongly disapproved the abuse and irresponsible consumption of the product.

    While acknowledging that the company needs a higher patronage of their products, he noted that it is more important for consumers to be responsible and stay healthy and alive to continue to receive the support of the company and to contribute to its growth.

    “I wish to thank all our consumers but I want to tell them that they should make it a responsible way of drinking. For me as an owner of a company, if you are with my brand and you live healthy, stay alive for the number of years God has given you, you should do it [drink] responsibly. Too much of everything is bad. Please drink responsibly. You are to work to contribute your quota, know the time to work and the time to do other things. If you’re driving you don’t need to drink. In the morning if you haven’t eaten and you go and buy two sachets of Happy Man Bitters, it is good to buy Happy Man Bitters but do it in a responsible way,” he said.

    Upon its birth in 2013, Charger Limited  according to Emmanuel Bortey Borketey has significantly achieved its 10 year strategic plan and will reinforce its commitment to continue to serve clients better.

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