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    Trapped illegal miners are able to exit on foot – AngloGold Ashanti

    Operators of the Obuasi mine, AngloGold Ashanti Ghana have shared insights regarding reports of illegal miners trapped underground in remote areas of the mine.

    About 300 illegal miners were said to have been trapped in one of the shafts belonging to mines at Anwiam in the Obuasi East District of the Ashanti Region.

    The miners reportedly entered the underground shaft in search of gold deposits but were unable to come out after all exit routes were closed.

    Unauthorised persons underground are able to exit on foot - AngloGold Ashanti on trapped illegal miners

    But in a May 30 statement, the company clarifies that unauthorized individuals who enter the mine are able to exit on foot through the existing ramp and main access points, and no one has been confined underground.

    Unauthorized persons underground are able to exit on foot, via the existing ramp, through the main access of this mining area. No person underground has been confined in any way and the main exit ramp from the mine remains open,” portions of the statement read.

    The management says it has informed the relevant authorities and public security services about the situation. They are closely collaborating with these entities to address the matter effectively.

    They added that seven illegal miners were able to exit the mine through the main access point and are now in the custody of the Ghana Police Service.

    AngloGold Ashanti Ghana emphasizes that any unauthorized individuals currently underground are strongly encouraged to leave the mine using the designated exit points, where public security personnel are on standby to ensure their safe departure.

    The management further reiterated that the intrusion of illegal miners into underground areas is considered a highly dangerous activity and is actively working in cooperation with the authorities to enforce strict control measures, allowing only authorized mine personnel and contractors to access the underground work areas.

    AngloGold Ashanti Ghana reaffirms its readiness to provide any necessary assistance requested by the authorities to ensure the safe exit of any unauthorized persons who may still be underground.

    The company remains dedicated to upholding stringent safety protocols and collaborating with relevant stakeholders to maintain a secure and productive mining environment

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