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    FICAC Pan African Conference Delegates Party with Wives

    The FICAC Pan African Conference delegates and their spouses/partners enjoyed an unforgettable day trip to Ada Foah.

    It was organized by Hon. Nassib Akil at his beach house and received supported from Hon. Subhi Accad, and Hon. Ghassan Yared.

    The all white beach party at the picturesque coastal town provided a tranquil and visually stunning backdrop for the gathering.

    The event fostered camaraderie, unity, and collaboration among the delegates.

    In addition to socializing, the trip facilitated valuable networking and knowledge exchange.

    The hosts ensured an enjoyable experience, and delegates immersed themselves in the local culture, sampling traditional cuisine and appreciating the area's rich heritage.

    Overall, it was an exceptional event that combined leisure, networking, and cultural appreciation, leaving lasting memories for all participants.

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