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    Cameroon opposition figure John Fru Ndi dies at 82

    John Fru Ndi, a towering figure in Cameroonian politics over several decades, has died aged 82.

    He founded the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) in 1990 and was at the frontline of multi-party democracy in Cameroon, defending English-speaking minority rights in the country.

    According to a press release from his SDF colleagues, Fru Ndi died in the capital, Yaoundé, on Monday evening after a long period of illness.

    His career included several presidential bids and he claimed to have been the true winner of the 1992 election, that saw President Paul Biya re-elected.

    Fru Ndi surprised everybody in 2018 when he decided not to run for top office.

    He was preparing to retire as a leader of his political party later this year.

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